Art by Teddy - Set of 4 Prints

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Only 100 each of these prints were produced from the original paw print paintings by Teddy.

1) Harley Flowers  “Sunflowers make me think of my best buddy, Harley. He loved flowers and he loved the sun. I painted these flowers especially for him.” -Teddy

2) Free To Be Loved  “One of the best things about living outside of the puppy mill is the freedom to be loved… and to love.” -Teddy

3) To See The Sky Is To Touch a Dream  “Harley’s dad wrote this. I know what it means to see the sky and because of that, I have touched a dream … Harley’s Dream.” -Teddy

4) Somewhere Over The Rainbow  “I painted this to honor those who have traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, but especially for my soulmate Gwinnie, and my best buddy Harley.” -Teddy

The prints are actual size which is 5x7 and each includes an 8x10 white mat board plus a backing board so they are ready to frame.

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