Canvas Tote Bag "Art by Teddy"

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This natural canvas tote bag features a collage of 4 'Art by Teddy' paw print paintings on one side and the 'Art by Teddy' logo on the other. It measures 12.5" H x 16" W x 3" D and has 20 inch handles.

Included are: 

1) Harley Flowers  “Sunflowers make me think of my best buddy, Harley. He loved flowers and he loved the sun. I painted these flowers especially for him.” -Teddy

2) Free To Be Loved  “One of the best things about living outside of the puppy mill is the freedom to be loved… and to love.” -Teddy

3) To See The Sky Is To Touch a Dream  “Harley’s dad wrote this. I know what it means to see the sky and because of that, I have touched a dream … Harley’s Dream.” -Teddy

4) Somewhere Over The Rainbow  “I painted this to honor those who have traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, but especially for my soulmate Gwinne, and my best buddy Harley.” -Teddy

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