Holiday Cards - Hopes & Dreams (set of 6)

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Set of 6 'Hopes & Dreams' Holiday Cards featuring Harley & Teddy!
Each 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card is blank inside and an explanation of the card is included on the back. They are nicely packaged in a clear protective plastic sleeve. 

The back side of each card reads: 

Hopes & Dreams

Harley and Teddy, best friends and puppy mill survivors, spent a combined 17 caged years in puppy mills before realizing their Hopes & Dreams in their forever adoptive homes.  

May your dreams come true this holiday season.
Please, do not support puppy mills . . . never buy a puppy online or from a pet store.  Adopt, don't shop!

In addition to the 6 holiday cards, you will receive 6 small "Puppies aren't Presents" puppy mill awareness cards which you can include as inserts in the cards you send.

**These cards are offered to you at near cost, with the goal of raising awareness rather than funds.

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